At The Cuddle Company we want to reward our loyal customers so we have launched our very own loyalty points scheme - Cuddle Points. Not only do we want to reward you when you make a purchase with us, but we also want to reward you with points when you show and spread the love, details of which can be found below. We'll also give you a little birthday treat too..


You can earn points in a couple of ways:


Cuddle Points for online purchases 

We are offering a points scheme based on the amount you spend with us. For every £1 spent you will receive 1 Cuddle Point. Your points will be rewarded once your order has been successfully paid for and will be available to spend on your next purchase if available. In the instance that your order is refunded or cancelled for some reason, the points will be cancelled. 


Cuddle Points for spreading the love

Word of mouth is everything when it comes to talking about the quality of our products and we are always delighted when you tell others about us. To say thanks for spreading the word, you as the referring customer as well as the person you are referring will receive a lovely little treat on us:

Referring a friend/family member - 20 Cuddle Points

Referred friend/family member - 10% discount off their first order 

This process can only be done through the 'Rewards Program' tab on the website. Points are only given once the purchase has successfully been made. We cannot accommodate any referrals made via email, in person or by telephone. 


Cuddle Points on your birthday

As a birthday treat we will gift you with 20 free Cuddle Points.

Update your date of birth on the 'Rewards Program' tab and we will send you this special little treat every year!

Customers must enter their date of birth at least 1 month before being rewarded.


Cuddle Points with Social Media

'Like' us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or Instagram and you will receive 5 Cuddle points for each social media follow. 

Customers will only earn points once for following or 'liking' our social media sites. Don't try the follow - unfollow - follow won't work! 



Spending Cuddle Points 

When you hit 100 points you will be able to redeem £1 off your next purchase with us. When you reach 150 points, we will give you £2 off and if you hit 200 Cuddle Points you will be rewarded with £3 off your purchase.

Points can only be redeemed through online purchases and you must be logged in to redeem your points. It is not possible to redeem point on postage costs.



Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right to vary the Cuddle Points available, and the rate at which points will be allocated, from time to time or to cease to offer Cuddle Points. 
  • Cuddle Points cannot be exchanged for cash. 
  • You may not be able to earn or redeem any Cuddle Points whilst you are in breach of our terms and conditions. Where we believe that there has been a breach of terms and conditions, we may withdraw Cuddle Points already allocated and/or remove you from the Scheme, at our discretion.
  • Orders made before the Rewards Scheme was launched will not be applicable for any Cuddle Points unfortunately